Blame the ancestors


3 channel video installation, (15 min loop) 500 kilo hay

21 lenticular prints, 29x40 cm

“I´m fucked, I have been fucked for so long. The world is fucked. The world is fucking me.

I´m fucking the world but at the same time I´m fucking myself, cos I´m also the world.”

Blame the ancestors involves composed documentations from sketches and reconstructed

therapeutic incidents plus documentations from the event: ”Expedition Fucking the World”

in which participants were asked to fuck the nature/the world, with the intention of

giving back what nature´s law involuntarily have forced upon us. (Rape) It´s an infected

love story where the only way to survive is to constantly criticise the self. They shoot

testosterone, believe they are horses and are obsessed with vitamin pills and porn.

HellFun feels that everything is so fucked that they can not be bothered to care about

anything, but the only thing they do is bother too much. In the end it’s all about

ejaculations: sexual ejaculations, social ejaculations, and spiritual ejaculations.