OPEN EDIT: THREE SISTERS AT VRÅNGSHOLMEN Participants of Vrångsholmen residency (September 2014) meet again for one week at Agora Collective to create material for a publication. PRESENTATION: 18. Januray, 1 PM 2015

Agora Collective

Mittelweg 50, Neukölln, Berlin

To be published by Broken Dimanche in August 2015

Initiated by Filippa Pettersson and Anders Nilsson

Participants: HellFun (Josefin Arnell, Max Göran) Adam Fearon,

Nina Fránková, Jana Fröberg, Lukas Heistinger, Ingela Ihrman,

Eli Levén and Inger Wold Lund

Supported by IASPIS, Sweden